Sunday, February 03, 2008

Loving Life - rain and all

We are so lucky! Living like this, with all the different weather and situations. What a grand adventure! What a blessed life! We woke up this morning to heavy rain. Surrendering to Mother Nature made me joyous and very happy. I put on a raincoat, Cary and Nicky got umbrellas and we walked barefoot through the little river running around the campground, chatting to other campers as we went. When we got back inside we stayed warm and dry and close.

We'll go out later to the library that we recently discovered and joined. The kids love it because they all got their own library cards and can check out themselves scanning their own books and things. Oh, and it has an x-box, the internet, dvds and even some books! The kids area has a bunch of cushions for people to sit on and look at books. My boys thought it was much more fun to put all of the cushions in a big pile and take a running jump into them. At least the kids area is way down in the back corner. I think the favourite find all round was a Doctor Who DVD. We are all fans and we hadn't seen the episodes on this one. The library is located within the huge mall up the road so when we go there, the kids can also have fun going up and down in the elevator and on the escalators. Good stuff to do on a rainy day!

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