Saturday, February 02, 2008

Simple things..

I tell you - simple luxuries like having your own bathroom make such a big difference! It is so nice to walk a couple of meters to use the bathroom or have a shower. And we don't have to carry a bag with our shampoo, towel etc, it's already in there! Nicky likes to take a bath so we use an empty 50L plastic container that we used to put our towels in (but now we can hang them up in the bathroom!). We put that container under the shower to catch extra water as I am showering. Then when I get out, he gets in his little bath. I close the glass door so he can do some crazy splashing and still see us. He's very happy!

Nicky just loves the water. He's become very confident at the pool and will take a running leap into the pool and then swim under the water to where I am. Which is always close to where he's jumping in. He will swim about 8 feet (probably more if we tried it but we haven't) by himself and loves to swim from me to the wall or steps or Cary or Sami and then back again and do this over and over and over. Not bad for a 2.5 year old!

I must post more photos soon.

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