Friday, March 28, 2008

43 and time for ME to just BE

Once again, with more bloody rain, our recent thoughts about getting a house seemed like a great idea. The packing and unpacking on our recent trip was a bother too and we were a bit fed up and emotional after the past weekend.

Once again, when we calmed down, and the rain stopped for 30 minutes, we remembered how much we enjoy this lifestyle. Before our trip, we had been using the annexe from the old camper for this one. But we are going to sell the old one so we need to rig up some walls to attach onto the awning, or somehow fix things so we have more space and protection from the elements.

Now that we are back here, for around 3 months (more or less, we'll see how it goes), we will get a nice set up and work on getting a comfortable rhythm going with homeschooling friends and fun classes for the kids.

Glad that decision is made. Today (the 28th) is my 43rd birthday. Happy birthday to me!! My motto for the coming year is in the title of this blog. I will be taking more time for me. When I saw my sister last weekend, she handed down her old bike to me plus two other bikes for Sami and AJ. AJ is thrilled and has been having a great time with his bike. I've been enjoying riding my bike too. I feel like a kid again as distant memories of a carefree me riding way beyond the boundaries set by my Mum, come back as soon as my feet touch the pedals. I guess I'm still pushing my Mum's boundaries which is why she has trouble accepting my lifestyle.

So I have made a decision to Just Be - more present, more connected, more awake and aware, more loving, more joy-full, more...well, more ME.

...I didn't get to finish this post earlier. I was in a grateful mood, just enjoying our day and not doing much. Cary came home and said he had arranged something and we needed to leave about 30 minutes later. He kept the surprise until he took me to a lovely place called 'The Sanctuary' which has a bunch of alternative / natural healers & bodyworkers that work there. They have a natural dentist, chiropractor, natural hair dresser, and offer other natural health and beauty services. I had a one hour massage with a Tradional Chinese Medicine guy followed by a one hour facial. Cary and the kids picked me up and we went home where Nicholas and I had a two hour nap. I had a bunch of phone calls during the day and capped it all off with a delicious dinner at a funky vegetarian restaurant. What a great day.


Queen B said...

We have the same birthday!!! Sounds like you had great fun you Aries Goddess you! Glad you are back at the blogging! I've missed your posts. Love and Light to you, birthday girl!

Earthmommy said...

Enjoyed your update and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I've been feeling the same way you mention...needing really to just be me and forget everything else for a while. Glad you're feeling better!

Miranda said...

Happy belated Birthday! Glad you had a nice day. Sounds like a great way to usher in the new year for you!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Annette!!!

Six Arrows said...

Happy 43rd Birthday! Wow you are such a beauty inside and out! I miss you and yours!! Hugs, Amy D.