Thursday, July 31, 2008

House hunting

Ah the joys of looking for a rental! We looked around the area we are already in. We love being near the beach and the relaxed feel of the community here. The houses we looked at seemed either small or overpriced. So we thought we'd look in other areas. We found another area 30 minutes north west of here that we thought would work. After a lot of research, phone calls and driving around, we lined up with a bunch of other families to inspect the interior of several homes. Then there was the process of filling out a long application form and include 12 different documents to back it up - proof of ID, finances and personal references.

I felt like we were just filling out forms to try and get anything once we'd decided to get a house. I would lay awake at night thinking of which houses we needed to look at next and which one would be better for us. I was torn between getting an exact picture in my mind of the place I wanted and manifesting it via the Law of Attraction, and getting a feeling of the place I wanted and Trusting God to provide it.

Yesterday the kids and I went to look at the other area again. While we were there we stopped at the top of a hill and looked east over miles of suburbia, the high rise of the commercial - touristy area and there, way way off, was my friend, the ocean. I felt a strong pull towards her. When we got back to the area that we are currently staying, I drove straight to the beach, got out of the car and took a deep breath. My soul said "thank you".

Using this very strong feeling as my guide, it is clear to me that I am happiest as a beach girl. The rest of the family loves it here too. It reflects Who We Are. So now that we are getting clear about that, a place will soon become available for us. The picture is getting clear and I Trust that it's all coming together perfectly. I feel much more relaxed about the process now.


Earthmommy said...

AH, the beach! I can totally identify with how you felt when you drove to the beach and got out. That is so me! I miss the beach terribly.

PeacefulGoddess said...

YES I am with you, the beach rocks! Last Christmas we went to the beach and I thought how amazing it is that just like the water in Aussie is part of the water in Cali so are all of us! Your perfect house is a moment away! I love and miss you!