Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Moving into the house has brought back a familiar feeling. Unpacking our 'stuff', I left 'til last my personal boxes of paperwork. In those boxes are bits and pieces of ideas I've had over the years of things that have interested me. Things that I thought I could someday follow up on and make a living from.

But making a life took over.

I look at those boxes and feel a little overwhelmed, a little guilty that I'm not 'doing' more with my life. But when I put those feelings aside for a moment, I remember how much I've grown in the past year, 3 years, 10 years and more. And I remember that I am 'Being' so much more than I ever have. Everything is unfolding perfectly. A flower has to pass through a lot of dirt before it can bloom. I am still a seedling.

I already incorporate a lot of the things that interest me into my own life. If I am meant to take any of these things to a larger audience, it will happen naturally. I Trust that.

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The Garden Spot Cafe said...

WOW you have been up to so much! Moving in to a place "planting" your gypsy self. I wish so many times a day I was either traveling or back in the house with the pool and trampoline and then I just remember to love what is! I wish I could hug u so here is my long distance HUG!