Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nicholas - chickenpox

We haven't been out much lately, here's the reason why:

Even so, he's trying to put on a happy face:

Dear little man, he's had the spots in all kinds of uncomfortable places. He even had six in one of his ears.
I think we're almost in the clear and can join the world again. I did take Summer and AJ to their classes on Monday, but kept Nicholas in the car by going for a drive or reading or playing.
At home, we've been baking and playing lots of Uno and Set and other card games and board games. We're going to work on making our own board games today. And we've been watching the vege seeds sprout and watching shows about gardening and other fun shows as well.
Halloween is coming and I am not ready at all. I heard that one of the big grocery stores is selling American pumpkins - for carving - for $20! Nah, I don't think so. If Nicholas is better then, we're going to go out for the whole day somewhere fun. The kids want to go trick or treating, but they just don't do that here. Marketing money hungry folk are trying to encourage more of an event around Halloween, but I just don't see it happening. Summer and AJ have been watching some kids Halloween movies on tv and are looking forward to the start of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' later this week. It's a Doctor Who spin-off and we all enjoy the Doctor.

Still no sign of chickenpox on Summer. Perhaps the mild dose she had when she was 2 was enough. Sure hope so.


Berrybliss or BB or Berry!!! said...

Oh, poor little baby, look at those spots...I hear lots of icecream fixes those nasties!!

$20 a pumpkin...nah, forget that...sheesh...better off spending that money on something delish and enjoying it together.

Hope the spotty days come to an end soon.


Darlene said...

Oh how crazy, I guess Nick wont have to dress up for Halloween LOL. I hope all is well besides the Poxes. I am sending loves and hugs from a distance.

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Rachel said...

I've so enjoyed "catching up" with your family by reading your blog. It sounds like you're having wonderful adventures! I wish you didn't live a continent away, I'm starting to worry that my youngest will never have a chance to get chicken pox.

Queen B said...

He is the cutest little man- poxy or not! I loved your bike trailer, you clever lady, you!
Halloween blessings!