Friday, November 14, 2008

Creek time

Once again, blogger is putting my pics on in reverse order. oh well, I'll have to start loading them in reverse order.

We've been getting a lot of rain showers lately. Not every day, but most days have at least a little shower. Nicholas was excited to go to the creek to try out his new rash shirt ('rashie' as they are called here). He had chosen it himself and thought the pirate skull & crossbones was much better than the other options of crocodile, shark or nothing. So yesterday, in between showers, we drove to the creek. The car seems to be doing ok on short distances only. As we couldn't ride, and I thought it too far too walk, especially if it started to pour down, so we drove. We pretty much had the creek to ourselves. The beach had a lot of debris on it from the wind and rain knocking leaves and twigs out of the trees. And the sand seemed darker than usual. But we had a lot of fun, as usual.

The boys making drippy sand castles.

The creek is right next to the caravan park that we used to live in. That's Summer sitting under the green and white umbrella on the sand and you can see some caravans behind her. We often go for a wander through the caravan park and reminisce.

It's such a peaceful spot. Unless it's the weekend and there are boats out skiing on the creek.

Our Summer girl.

Playing next to or in the water is the thing the kids love doing together the most.

Our little pirate....


Anonymous said...

Blogger always does that. What I do to get my pictures where I want them is upload them and then just cut-and-paste them to their proper spot. Hope that helps.
love ya

Annette said...

Thanks! I thought they had loaded in order in the past. Maybe it was when I loaded directly from Picasa. No problem. I appreciate the tip!
love n hugs, A xx