Thursday, November 27, 2008

Drama & Music ~ Summer

Summer has now finished her homeschoolers music and drama classes for the year and enjoyed the end of year concert. In the photo above, the girls in the class did a mime where Summer played a ballet teacher, the rest of the girls were her students. She left the room for a moment and while she was gone, the girls put on some rock n roll music and danced around crazily. She came back in, appeared to be horrified and sent them out of the room. When they were gone, she put the rock music back on and let loose. funny.

This photo above was taken during the music section. The kids were so good, I wished they had done a longer performance.

Happy girls at the end of the show.

Summer played a witch, and had the largest role, during the main play which was a send up of Sleeping Beauty.

The morning of the concert, I was not sure if we would make it as the car was playing up again. However, it decided to behave in the afternoon after I had spent an hour looking into rental cars or taking the bus and train. I've had two mechanics look at the car and they couldn't figure it out. AJ just has two more weeks of gymnastics and then we really don't have anywhere we have to be and can use our bikes for most of the trips we need to make, except when it's raining which it has been doing a lot lately. Our garden is loving it!

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tara said...

Love the rock music skit! Seems like a funny take on strict adults. LOL