Friday, April 17, 2009

Can you believe he's 8?!!!

Happy Birthday AJ!
We spent the day at Sea World where AJ was in heaven patting and feeding sting rays, watching the dolphins play, the fairy penguins, sea lions, a polar bear, sharks, and a huge assortment of marine life. AJ & Summer went on only a couple of rides as the lines were too long due to it being a glorious warm sunny day and school holidays. So it was rather crowded, but we knew it would be so we only planned on wandering around enjoying the day. We had so much fun!
AJ had 'birthday power' all day so he had chosen the food for the day and where we went. He chose a healthy form of cocoa pops for breakfast, cheese balls, caramel popcorn, pbj's and goodie bags with favourite candy for the day, party pies and sausage rolls for dinner and marble cake with chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Just about the perfect day for this 8 year old I'd say! We just wished that Cary could have been here.


TheOrganicSister said...

happy birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, AJ!!!!
Love Mollie and Justine