Saturday, April 11, 2009

An evening with The Doctor

Funny weather lately. Rain on and off..warm, cool...never quite sure how to dress. It was sunny when we woke up yesterday so after breakfast we got ready to ride our bikes to the creek so the kids could play with their new butterfly / fish nets. As we got on our bikes it started to rain gently. Oh well...should I drive? Maybe...nah, let's just ride. So we did. By the time we got to the creek, it had stopped and it stayed fine. The kids had great fun trying to catch little fish and just splashing around while I hung out on the shore chatting to my man in the USA on my little pink mobile phone.

The afternoon saw us at the playground. Nicholas spent the whole time being AJ's shadow. Doing everything AJ did. Nicholas thought some other kids were picking on him and started telling them off. He is not afraid of speaking up when he perceives a wrong, but sometimes he speaks too soon. Nicholas told me with great passion everything that had happened. I went with him and spoke with everyone and they were able to figure things out and went off all together playing happily. No grudges, just "lets move on and have fun". - The things we can learn from children!

After dinner, we all sat down to watch "The Biggest Loser". Just the title of that show was enough to put me off it for a couple of years, but when we were in the caravan, with very limited tv options, we did start watching it. Through that, the kids have learned more about the importance of taking care of their bodies, and how much the state of our body can influence the state of our minds. The majority of the contestants start out with very low self-esteem, but as they improve their health, their esteem rises also. I don't happen to agree with a lot of the methods they use, and I think a lot of it is probably acting anyway so I don't take it too seriously. In the past week, it was towards the end of this series when the contestants "face their fears" in an extreme way - jumping off the ski of a helicopter into a lake, white-water kayaking, sky-diving, etc. This obviously had an impact on Summer as she talked about this before going on the roller coaster with me at Movie World this week. Twice!

Nicholas fell asleep after "BL" but it was too early for the rest of us. We have been getting 'Doctor Who' DVD's from the library that are filling in the gaps from episodes we haven't seen on tv. As well as enjoying again some of our favourite episodes. Not the older hokey episodes with the cheap sets and costumes, but the episodes from 2005. Oh they are sooo good! Our favourite show for sure. Last night we watched three episodes from the end of series two. I have been waiting for these and was not disappointed. As we got further into it, the kids got closer and closer to me on the couch until we were sitting there tightly squeezed like a sandwich. A squashed sandwich. On the edge of the seats. Laughing, in suspense, and then crying. I love the way these shows weave so many threads around each other and still leave possibilities open.

We recently bought a larger musical keyboard. The kids have been playing around with tunes and the different instrument sounds and effects to see how close they can come to replicating the "Doctor Who" theme. They also have been getting DW books from the library and enjoy telling each other different new facts about The Doctor and the show that they've found out. So the Doctor is weaving its way through many aspects of our lives and our learning with many possibilities still open...

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