Sunday, April 26, 2009

more recent pics

An afternoon stroll a few days ago..
Sand, surf, sun, sticks & sweet Summer!

sliding down little sand hills...

and sinking into the sand!

A Stroll along a beachside path earlier today...

We love the fitness track at Burleigh Heads that runs alongside the beach.

Here's Nicholas & AJ doing dips and playing on some push-up bars. You can see the ocean behind them.

Summer on the pec-deck. If you notice behind her and to the left, you can see the top of some steps..

this is the view down those steps.

I just love this - the sun sparkling on the ocean. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE it here? How much I feel fulfilled? How content I feel here? Oh yeah. Happy, happy, happy!

AJ on a balancing beam. There are 5 stations close together here with a kids playground on the other side of the walking / biking track. Probably so parents can workout with more variety while their kids play. Most of the stations have a larger space in between them.

Nicholas on the balancing beam. There's that beautiful ocean again through the photo. What a way to work out! It also sounds sooo good and smells great and looks fantastic.

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