Sunday, April 26, 2009

recent photos

What's eating the fish? We've been finding fish like this on "our" beach recently. Sometimes just one, sometimes several, sometimes none. Once we even saw one still in the water, barely alive, still trying to breathe, but not able to swim. I'll have to ask the Surf Lifesavers when I see them again.

This was at a homeschool gathering that had a science theme for the day. One of the Dad's is a Scientist and was happy to share some basic science knowledge and experiments. This photo shows what was supposed to be an experiment measuring the time it took to run 10 meters with different loads on the tarps. As most of the kids are unschooled, it took on a whole new twist and became a sledding game! I'm not sure how happy the scientist was after that!

AJ & friends

Annette & Summer - we're sitting in the car of the roller coaster right before Summer's first ride on it.

Easter Bunnies!

Dewy spider's web hanging from our clothesline.

Nicholas holding a little house he made (with some help from Mum) at a homeschool woodworking day recently. The bit of bark on the side has a window in it. The long piece on the top is a "diving board for the fairies". Love it!!

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