Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our week..

Busy week last week -
Monday, Summer started back at drama class and then, as we were pretty close to Movie World from there, that's where we spent the rest of the day. AJ finally decided to go on the roller coaster and loved it! He went on the fairly mild one, not the super fast one, but still, this one is fast enough when you haven't ever been on one before. Then he and Summer went on it over and over and over. AJ would put his hands up as it went, something that Summer isn't ready to do yet. We also went on the big bumper cars...about 20 times. Nicholas loved driving them and I would sit next to him with my foot across on the pedal.

Tuesday we caught up on some things around here. I think that was the day I booked our flight to the USA after a huge amount of frustration that I will not bother you with.

Wednesday we had an excellent time with the Northern Rivers homeschoolers. We had a 'mathematican' come along for a presentation on 'the magic square of 3'. I loved it and when Summer realised that she was learning how to draw mandalas, she was excited. AJ has continued to draw the pattern we learned there since he's come home and I know we'll be doing more with this. After the presentation, the kids ran and played while the mums chatted for hours.

Thursday was the library and grocery shopping and playing with the neighbours.

Friday was Sea World all day. We got there just after it opened and were pleased to see that it was much less crowded than the last time we went there. We went on the skyway first and enjoyed the aerial view of the park and looking over the dolphin pools. Then to some rides. I was feeling very brave and decided that this was the day to conquer my fear of the "corkscrew" roller coaster. The one that goes up really high, around a fast bend, then way down and around in a loop and then around a bend and through the sideways corkscrew part before another bend and back in. I went straight up to the ride, no line to wait, got in, sat down and strapped in before I could even think about it. As it started to go I thought "uh oh...what have I done?!" I closed my eyes for a moment to center myself as we were climbing up the big steep hill and I heard someone say "'s sooo beautiful!". I looked around and to my right I saw the ocean and to my left I saw the mountains. It really was beautiful. I felt fantastic and thrilled and, instead of screaming as we went down and around, I was laughing with absolute delight. My comment when we pulled in - "that was just too short - I'm going to do it again!". And I did. Three more times. Couldn't talk the kids into going on it with me, but they're thinking about it for next time. Nicholas did go on the flume ride where you sit in a canoe kind of boat on a water track, go around and up and around and then down a steep drop and get sprayed with water. He loved it and went on that three times. Surprised me. And of course we spent time in the underwater viewing area, just admiring all of the fish. The day flew by it was such fun.

Saturday we got up early and went to some garage sales, got two ladies bikes for $10 (total). They just need a couple of minor adjustments but can be ridden as they are. We have bikes, but Summer needs a bigger one and it will be good to have a spare in case of visitors. We also found a few other treasures. Then we went to the farmers market and Amy, my niece who moved to Brisbane to go to Uni this year, came down for lunch and to play for the afternoon.

So now it's Sunday. I woke up entirely too early (again). I think french toast for the kids for breakfast and a bike ride to the creek will fill up this morning. Then a trip into the mall for AJ to spend some birthday money. We'll probably end up at the game store I think. AJ likes to think everything through very well before making a purchase so we could be there for a while.

It's another beautiful day. The mornings are getting a little cool, but the days have been just lovely. (big sigh of contentment)

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