Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dust storm and rockclimbing by the beach...

We had a freaky dust storm here a few days ago. Very eerie! The sky was orange and the sun looked like it was blue. We were out when it hit but went home and closed all of the windows and stayed in until it had well and truly passed.

The local city council put on some free rockclimbing in a park not far from us. They had four climbs up an 11 meter portable climbing wall. AJ made it to the top of all of them!

The wall was right next to the beach:

Nicholas had wanted to decorate his feet before we went out. (he had a little help):


Six Arrows said...

Way to go AJ! That's a lot of climbing- wow! I like your decorated feet Nicholas!

homeschoolcollegecounselor said...

That's a great rock wall, more cities should consider installing them.