Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the past few weeks...

AJ now has a climbing partner for the backyard clothesline:

AJ has been talking a LOT about going fishing. He's never been before and we see a lot of people fishing whenever we go to the creek. So the kids got their little butterfly nets and we went to the dock next to a park near us. The fish were too quick to catch, but the kids had fun trying.

My Mum was visiting and we went for a drive to a part of the rainforest called the Natural Bridge. In involved a short hike through this:

..crossing over a little creek...

..before getting to the Bridge (which was really more like a big hole in a big rock):

You used to be able to swim in there, but sadly that's been banned.

The view from the top of the "bridge":

Afterwards we went to this fantastic playground. Not fantastic because of the equipment, but because of the setting. The huge gum trees, the massive rocks behind it, a large grassy area around us, a little creek running alongside....and no one else around. We felt so free being there.

In roof of the picnic gazebo, we had a little visitor as we were eating lunch:

..This little mama and her mate were very busy building their nest.

After lunch, Grandma taught the kids how to make bows and arrows out of sticks and string:

..they worked great!

Playing on the sand - Summer and Lucille (the dear, sweet baby of our good friend Tanja. Tanja also has a 5 year old son, Matti who is Nicholas' best friend.)

Playing in our new little pool in the backyard:

I love this photo of Summer. She sometimes calls herself Sam now as some people couldn't remember to call her Summer after so many years of calling her Sami. She doesn't mind. Several days ago she decided to cut her hair short. Just made a big pony tail and snipped it off. She is very happy with it shorter and keeps grinning at herself in the mirror, rather chuffed with herself. I love this photo of my calm, content Summer Sam, with her short hair, in natural setting of the creek and the bush that she loves. And I love the t-shirt too!

AJ sucking on a cup. His lips looks looked so funny when he was doing this.

AJ practicing his balancing:

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