Thursday, October 01, 2009

Original Play

Here is a link to a little video about Original Play by Playing By Heart author, O. Fred Donaldson . He talks about there being a big difference between how a lot of people play with their kids (because we just didn't know any other way), and how animals in the wild play with their own kind. A lot of play with kids, especially boys, is based on rough-housing, wrestling, tickling - with an underlying feeling of it being controlling and agressive. In nature, animals will still wrestle, but in a much more fluid manner - imagine dolphins gliding over and around each other, rather than ramming into each other.

There are three parts to this series, if you have limited time, just watch the second part.

Click on Original Play, then Original Play again and then the part you want to watch.


TheOrganicSister said...

this was really good. i really need to make an effort to play physically more often. i think i hold back out of fear of overdoing it and ending up in pain again but i've been feeling lately like i really need to find some way around that. one thing i will say about tickling: i always hated it but Zeb asks to be tickled and he controls the game. he says when to stop and what to tickle (feet, belly etc). i think it's his sense of control over it that makes the difference.


Annette said...

You're right Tara, I think you have to be aware of what the child really wants and not to take over or assume they will want something else. A lot of people assume that someone enjoys being tickled because it makes them laugh. I never liked it.