Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simple Living challenge...

Have you seen this website: ?  Here is their experiment, their challenge if you will:

 What do our clothes say about us? Why do spend so much time on what we wear? What happens when we don’t?

Starting Monday, June 21st 2010, a group of people from California to Dubai are going to take part in a little experiment: each participant gets to choose six (and only six) items of clothing and pledge to wear only these six items of clothing for a month. They’ll share their experiences here at

There are exceptions that don’t count towards the six: undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer jackets (rain slicker, outdoor jacket), shoes and accessories. You can get multiples of the same item for laundry purposes, but different colors count as separate items. Or you can tell us to stuff it and make your own rules.

People have asked what the philosophy is behind the experiment and most assume it’s a statement about consumerism. In reality, we haven’t dictated a driving thought. Rather it’s about putting a challenge out there and seeing what people bring to it, do with it and talk about.

This challenge totally appeals to my love of simple living!  There is a new round starting soon online, but you obviously can do your own thing anytime.  I thought of the clothes in my closet, all keen to get in and choose 6 things....then I realised that I already do close to that.  I have two favourite pairs of jeans, and pair of black yoga pants, and three favourite long sleeved tshirts that I have been spending most days in for the past few months. 

So why do I have extra clothes?  I think it's the 'maybe' factor.  You know...maybe one day I'll want to wear that...maybe one day it will fit me again....maybe one day I'll want to try a new combination.  But I don't.  I do like the idea of consciously choosing to give away the clothes that don't fit and that I really don't totally love and just leaving 6 basic items.  I can see doing this times 3 - having a winter set, a spring / fall set, and a summer set.  ...I know what I'll be doing within the next few days.

I heard of another challenge where a couple decided to live with 100 items each...including the house, car, dishes, books etc. Hmm....

I think we do live fairly simply, but we definitely have acquired a bunch of stuff since getting off the road and back into a house...I think 2 years ago now.  I can't believe how time is flying by.

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Anonymous said...

I did this all summer as I have very few clothes that fit lol its not fun. I dont care much wat i look like as Im very fat but it IS boring wearing the same things all summer. Then stuff gets stained too.
buying me clothes is hard at a goodwill n i refuse to spend money on new. Got kids to clothe. Having a small wardrobe would be a nice luxury. Three pr of jeans, 2 longish skirts, Five long sleeved shirts, 3 tshirts. Mix n match. Enough sox, bras n undies to go one wk. 3pr NICE pjs, not torn stained clothes that i cant wear out of hse anymore. A pr of sneaks. And shoes that are not so worn. Only pr i have tho.
Not hHaving much is not a freeing thing. Its called being poor lol