Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make Every Moment Count

I've had some powerful dreams lately that keep reminding me to Make Every Moment Count.  I hear that phrase in my head at random moments during the day.   There is a sense of urgency for me to really understand and implement that message.

Make Every Moment Count.

There is an emphasis on the 'Every Moment Count'.  Each word.  Every single moment.  Make them matter.  LIVE them....LOVE them....IN JOY them! 

The message is a reminder to be fully present in each moment.  To not wait for opportunities to live in Love and Joy.  To choose that Right Now!  To give Love to each moment.  To allow Joy in every moment.   Doing so makes our life feel so much fuller and deeper and richer.

Yeah, I've heard it before and probably thought "yeah yeah...I know that".  But do you DO it?  Consistently?  Or just every now and again when you've finished the housework?  Or when the kids are quiet?  Or when you get home from work?  Or when the planets are aligned?

 How distracted are you from yourSelf?  How often do you take the time to stay connected to You?  It's no wonder so many people can't connect to other people on anything other than a superficial's because we are not even connecting with ourSelves first!

So just how do we stay connected?  When there is chaos all around us?  When there is just too much to DO?!

We choose to.

We make it a priority.

We act AS IF we would if we knew that this was our very last day here.  Not in a morbid way, just in a reality way because come on...we just don't know when our driver is going to come and get us.  "Time's Up!" they will say...."But I'm just not ready" you may argue, "I still have things to do".  

What....what would you do if you had an hour left to finish your business here?  Or a week?  Or ten years?  Would that be enough time?  What IS the most important thing in you life? 

Only Love.

There are all kinds of practical ways of Making Each Moment Count.  Doing things that you enjoy, making the things you don't enjoy more pleasurable by playing groovy music, spraying essential oils around the place or having some tea brewing, ready to enjoy when the task is done.  Whatever works for you.

But it always always comes down to slowing down the mental chatter. 
To living in a state of gratitude for every single thing in your life. Even the things we don't like or understand.
To making Love THE most important thing in EVERY moment.
Remembering that. Over and over and over.

And gradually, we realise that we are starting to live in that state more often. 

Yes, there are a lot of practical things we do have to DO in this life.  It's the mindset that we choose to do them In, that makes all of the difference.

We make it so very complicated!  It's really not!  And when you realise that....then you feel like you've discovered the biggest secret in the world and you just have to laugh!

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Jacarandamum said...

Annette, I LOVED this post :) I read it v early this morning while snuggled next to my two youngest, after a difficult day yesterday where we all struggled. I totally forgot my mantra of gratitude for this present moment. YEs, VERY easy to live it when we were at Uluru last week, VERY easy to be grateful THEN! But now we have returned to the clutter and mess of our everyday life, I had let go of the 'now' for our clean, organised future, that wasn't here yet! And I was cranky about it! Really appreciate your insights xxx