Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My baby recently turned 7!!!  Of course I know he is not a 'baby' anymore, but he is my youngest child.
With those big-boy teeth, he sure doesn't look like a baby anyway.

On his birthday morning, with "the girls", our three pet rats.  AJ still has his Rosie.  Nicholas' rat Ratsta died last month (she was THE BEST pet rat ever!!!).  After a few weeks, Rosie seemed a little lonely so we went to get another rat but ended up with two more.  Nicholas chose Cupcake - a dark grey rat with a white heart-shaped spot on her chest (which we didn't discover until after we'd come home).  She is hiding in his shirt in the above photo.  Summer chose Sally - a little tan coloured sweetie.

Our little tough guys!


Miranda said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas! Can't believe he is seven!!!

Anonymous said...

Growing up too quick!!! Happy Birthday Nicholas!