Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm not going to try...

"Do or do not.  There is no try" - Yoda

I have been thinking about this quote and realised that, for me, 'trying' takes away my power.  Maybe it's fairly subtle, but it is there.  I resisted the truth in the quote at first but then rose to the challenge.  I'm either in the process of getting something done...I'm doing it....or, I'm not.  No wishy-washy in-between. 
Do I actually want to do it, or don't I?  Even with the things I don't always want to do, but need to be done, I need to ask myself if I am actually going to do it, or not.  Making the decision to actually do something spurs me to just get it done.  'Trying' sees me dragging my feet and not fully involved in just doing it.

I'm using that quote with my kids too.  I love the smile of empowerment that comes over their face when I remind them.  They either do what they say, or they don't.  Saying they are going to "try" gives them an out to not follow through.  Make a decision, and do what you say.

I feel my Power!!!

I am also aware of how often I apologise...often for things that are not really my fault or that are not necessary.  It had a sense of playing small....and once I realised that...I decided to really notice what I said and how I said it.  I no longer say things that are not the full truth.  I now think about what I absolutely desire at any time, and I ask for it, or I make it happen.  Like "what do you want to do today" "oh, I don't know...what do you want to do?".....NO MORE!!  I remember my own identity, rather than Mother or Wife or all of the other hats I wear.  I remember ME and my dreams and desires.....but within the framework of my other roles.

It seems that with the reclaimation of my Power, life is starting to move in a new direction.  I had asked for clarity.  Getting more deeply in touch with myself, has cleared out my own uncertainty that was clouding my path.  Answers are coming, life is shifting....I'm Allowing that...I'm rowing my boat, gently down the stream.

There is so much joy and humour in life, when we don't take anything personally!

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