Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Cary brought back seven bows from the USA on his last trip.  Six of them are shown in this pic plus one that I had bought already.  One of the bows that he bought is a left handed one and he is going to sell it and we'll put that money into better arrows.  He got absolutely incredible deals at auctions over there.   Sami likes the compound bow style and Cary found the pink one for her.  Another is a perfect size for Nicholas.  I've picked a new favourite as has Cary, and AJ is still playing with them all but we think he's going to go with the very traditional Robin Hood style longbow.  It's a bit heavy for him  - as in the draw weight, not the actual bow.  So he's doing lots of push ups and trying to build his strength.

Family selfie!

Having fun at Movie World's Carnivale:   

It was fun to go on the rides at night time.  There were some different, southern style food stands around the place and the combination of it all....our family in the USA will understand this...I looked at Cary and said "smell that?"  he nodded and we both said "Ocean City!"  Oh smelled just like it!  (Ocean City is a tourist beach destination in Maryland, USA)

Oh yeah, let's take another selfie!

I've probably posted a similar pic before, but we get some amazing sunsets over our front yard:

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