Monday, August 25, 2014

25 August 2014

Hello again!!  Where does the time fly to?!   We've been keeping busy as usual, here's a little of the latest:

Sami got her braces taken off and looks gorgeous!

Nicholas and I walked over to where a big triathlon was taking place close to where we live.  We cheered on the last few swimmers as they got out of the water and made their way over to the bikes for the next leg.  We watched hundreds of competitors transition from the bike leg to the running section.  We were fascinated by the speed with which some of them adjusted their attire for running.  There wasn't a lot to be done, but some of them had shoes that could just be slipped on and tightened with a toggle while others had to do up shoelaces which slowed them down.  We hung around to watch the first dozen or so people cross the finishing line.  The guy in the picture below was the winner, and oh my golly...what a machine!  He just trotted over the finishing line, went over and picked up his young son and started chatting to people as if it was no big deal.  Two and a half hours of pushing his body to the max and that's how he steps over the line... Not even puffing.  Wow.   I wonder what it feels like to be that super-fit?!  

We joined a community garden!  We have our own allotment.  When we took it over, it was covered with nasturtiums, aloe vera, and grass.  Though I did find a few herbs under all of that.  I pulled out all that I didn't want, hoed, added extra soil and compost to get to the picture on the left.  Then I added some seedlings, and the photo on the right was taken today, several weeks later and after several days of lovely rain.  I've tried container gardening here at our townhouse, but I can't quite get it right.  One of the benefits of the community garden is that there are plenty of experienced gardeners around to guide us.

We've been to visit a big aquaponics farm which was really interesting.  Aquaponics is something that Cary has been interested in for a long time.  Our community garden is starting an aquaponics area though it is moving rather slowly as the local council got involved!

Sami has been enjoying doing weekly drama classes for homeschoolers.  She's starting to look at options for her future.  AJ has been busy growing like crazy!  He is just a smudge shorter than Cary, but it won't be long until AJ is taller.  AJ has been spending a lot of time exploring game technology and loves it.   Nicholas is still a vibrant little man and he likes to join me on my morning walk as he rides his scooter and chitter chats away while I keep a fast pace on foot.  I'm nowhere near ready for a triathlon though.  That's not on my bucket list anyway.   

The other thing is that I've been playing with iMovie on my Mac and having fun making movies!  I've finally decided to do a little vlogging...and it's a little, well, out of my comfort zone.  Starting this blog years ago was a bit of a leap after years of keeping my thoughts confined to my private journals. I admit to being rather critical of my writing and I have a whole bunch of posts that I have never made public.  So now I'm taking it to a new level and I am enjoying teaching myself how to use the movie making software.  

I just noticed what today's date is.  Twenty years ago today,  I accidentally went Vegan and have been that way for most of the past 20 years.  I'll have to make a little Vlog about it.  My health has definitely been better for it!

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