Tuesday, August 04, 2015

What do I want?

I feel like I am on the right path.  I feel grounded and more sure of myself...stronger and more determined.  However, I can't say for sure exactly where I'm going.  I just know that I'm getting to where I'm supposed to be, in the way that I'm supposed to.

Some people may find that statement very vague.  Others will totally get it.  It's okay either way, because I am feeling peaceful and grateful to be where I am right now.

I've not really been one for setting materialistic goals.  My goals have come from instrinsic motivation by the feelings that I want to achieve.   My priority has always been harmony, love, joy, balance and peace within myself.  Why would I ever want external 'things', if I didn't have the deeper things that give this life meaning?    

A house doesn't mean anything to me...it's the people and the connection they have within it.  I'm not impressed with fancy clothes or jewellery or cars or degrees.  That's just not my focus.

In the past, I've tried 'goal setting' in the usual way...listing the material things that I wanted in 1 year, 5, 10, etc.    I wasn't very good at it, as those 'things' didn't really mean anything to me.  

My focus is on the feelings.  The external has changed so many times, often as a reflection of what is happening within me.  Maybe that's why I can adapt to change so easily, because I'm not attached to the physical. ... "Move to the USA - sure, why not!... Move to Las Vegas - sounds like fun!....Move back to Australia...yeah!"

I have a strong feeling now that 'Something Wonderful is about to happen!'

I want to get clear on my feelings and the direction that I feel called to go.  So I was thinking "what do I want?".   To get clearer, I quickly wrote the first five feelings that came to me:


What are the most important ways for me to express these:

Family - my own, my extended family, my friends, all living beings on Earth (that last one kind of surprised me when it came out, but okay).

Interacting, Connecting with Love, Peace, Joy and Compassion.

I would like to help the world return to Love, away from fear and conflict.

How can I achieve those more deeply?  Again, the first few things that came to me:

By doing the things that maintain harmony within my body and mind (fitness, rest, nutrition, sunshine, friends and feeding my mind with inspiring reading, videos, conversation or contemplation every single day)

By focusing on Being the Change that I wish to see in the World.  There is SO much unrest, it would be easy to get into a conflict mindset.  But that does not feel authentic to me.  I need to maintain a place of peace.  We cannot fight for peace...we can only BE Peace to create Peace.  It seems huge and unlikely....maybe that's what Gandhi thought as well.  

By remembering to be Grateful for everything even the "not good" things that come my way.  It's all part of the journey and has a reason.  

By Trusting that I will continue to be guided to the right people and places and information.

By Watching my thoughts to ensure that they remain in alignment with my main focus, aiming to avoid judgement of myself and others.  

By Reminding myself of all of this!

This feels so good to me!  


Nette Tibbs said...

Thank you ♡ yes...totally feeling the ??? when it comes to goal setting. Life unfolds ... unfurls ;)

Annette said...

Thank you Nette! Going with the flow... <3

my best friends forever said...

Very good message.thank you Nette!!