Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A moment here

Yesterday we sold one of our cars. We've had an offer on the other one. With Cary away, I'm wondering if I want to experiment with being car-less. I think it would be an interesting exercise - walking more, using public transport, and really thinking about if I need to go to the shops and, if I do, being efficient in doing so. I won't buy another car here, I'd wait until Cary got back as he knows cars better than I do.

Cary mentioned that it's a bit overwhelming being back in Vegas - all the traffic and people! He's gotten used to this quieter lifestyle. He is keen to get finished quickly and get back here. Nicholas still says "hi plane, hi Dad" when he sees or hears a plane fly overhead.

We've had more rain for a couple of days and I hope it passes soon. We're doing well, but it does dampen my spirits when I can't start the day with doing my sunrise yoga.

I'm letting go of the things I feel I "should" do and I am trying to enjoy the process more often. Interestingly, by doing so, I feel calmer and I am actually getting more done as it crops up instead of putting things off.


PeacefulGoddess said...

I agree I love just relaxing into life and taking it has it comes. I feel at peace with the universe when I do this. On FOTR did you catch the family for 4 that is bike riding around the US? I am so inspired. I am not sure that would work for us now but I will do that someday besides I have the next 110 years to do it right?LOL

Annette said...

No, bike riding huh? Hmm, that's really an interesting thought! Really slowing down and seeing and experiencing the process. And living very simply.