Sunday, January 13, 2008

pondering our new direction

We are on the cusp of a new direction. Many options. We've been driving around all weekend looking for a new location and housing. An area we'd recently thought would be "it" was just not giving us the right vibe. We did not find suitable housing there, but Cary and the kids did find good pizza! Another place that I have loved for many years, is again looking promising. We've narrowed down the specific area we want to be within that larger area.

Cary will be going back to the USA next month. I'm aware of a time crunch to move again but I'm trying really hard not to be impatient and force things to happen. So I'm trying to get out of my head and back to my senses where life flows and all that we need is provided.

This is a stage of this type of living that is challenging. The moving (again), finding new friends, new fruit markets, new playgrounds. Yes, it's exciting. But sometimes I envy people who are perfectly content with living in the same house for 20+ years. There is definitely something to that - the security and stability. We are aiming to provide those things for our children with our love and some simple rhythms. Perhaps this is helping our children to learn to be flexible and adapt to new situations more easily. Yeah, they certainly do that well. I think I'm getting closer to being able to stay in one place for a very long time, but I'm just not there yet.

I think of the houses we had back in Vegas and the abundance of cool toys the kids had. The great friends. Especially the friends. But even people come and go, as did the houses and the toys. Here we are sleeping in a very small camper but with such a feeling of open-ness when we step outside. No big walls, no major housework, no utility bills, very few toys (but enough) and a constant stream of new friends. I think all of the rain we've had recently has caused us to question this lifestyle at the moment. I do not want to give up those freedoms for the ties of a house. But I also want some more space when we are inside due to rain or night time.


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