Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moving on up and on

Yipee-I-O!!! Our new camper trailer finally arrived from the USA and it is in our possession. It took threatening the shippers with getting the law and the media involved, but we have it now..yay! The shippers were holding on to it, claiming we did not pay and suggesting we pay again. After proving beyond doubt that they had indeed cashed our check, they could stall no longer and we were able to pick it up. Wow! It is so nice. It is 21 years newer than our current van, and a bit bigger all around. Sami will have one end which has a double bed, AJ will sleep a step down from her where the table folds down into a double bed. At the other end, Nicholas will have his own large single a step down from where Cary and I sleep which is a huge king size bed! Luxury!

We need to do a few things to the new van to be able to get an Australian compliance plate and then get her registered. We also are getting the airconditioner unit put on top that Cary had sent over in the camper. When the new camper is done, we will get the old one spruced up and ready for sale.

I've gotten used to this campground. It's not too far from the motorways, markets, shops and it's really easy to get into the city - about a 20 minute drive from here to where we park. We've got to know some of the long-termers here and have a comfortable complacency starting to happen. We have looked at a lot of other caravan parks but have not found anything better. Until yesterday when we found the perfect spot for us! It's about an hour south of here, but right on a creek and across the road from a beautiful beach. It's close enough yet far enough from a really popular tourist destination that has a lot of different and interesting attractions. It's also close to the hinterland with beautiful rainforest walks and waterfalls. There's a wild life sanctuary in the next suburb and a new eco-village being built. We will move to the new campground after we've gotten things sorted out with the campers here.

It will mean we will be further away from the lovely un/homeschool groups we've recently met so we might not make it to their gatherings every week. So I'll start looking for more unschoolers in the new area. I just know there out there!

It's nice to keep things moving and interesting. Never a dull moment here!!

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