Sunday, December 07, 2008

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a quick little post...kind of crazy at the moment. Cary is still in the usa. He had his birthday last week and what did we give him? A phone call. Summer will turn 11 in 6 days. And I am just not ready for anything to do with Christmas. Though after Nicholas' pleading, I did give in a buy a cheap tree which he adores. We went to a mall last week that I usually avoid and I could not wait to get out of there. Too much 'stuff'! people rushing around with no smiles but big bags filled with stuff. Where is the meaning??????

Last week we happened to catch some filming of a kids show "H2O" about three teenaged girls who turn into mermaids when they get wet. It's usually filmed at the local Warner Bros. studio, but they were on location at 'our' headland. So we stopped and watched for a while. AJ got a bit bored as each scene took sooooo long to film and they did it over and over from different angles. Summer was excited and had "a million questions". If we'd had our camera, the kids could have had their pic taken with the girls, but of course I didn't.

Some travelling homeschool friends that we met when we were on the road are back in town. They have 3 kids and one of their sons and AJ are best friends. All the kids get on well together so it's lots of fun when we get together.

Just got off the phone from Cary who said he'll be home on thursday. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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