Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am so blessed

After I was thinking aloud on here about domain names and trying to figure out what direction I want to head, it became clear to me that it was getting more complicated than it should be. So I'm simplifying and am going to focus on Free Spirit Life...it's already a part of me and it incorporates everything I love...being a free spirit - we may not be moving around at the moment, but I do feel a great sense of freedom by not being attached to a whole lot of material 'stuff'; the way I / my family thinks outside of the box, we do our own research and live our lives the way that best suits us, not 'the system'; the way we support natural learning in our children, and also in ourselves. To me, being a free spirit also encompasses all of the natural things we do - natural, homemade cleaners and body products, growing our own veges, cutting our own hair, riding our bikes more and using the car less (we are currently using 1/4 tank of petrol per week), using a push lawnmower and as few electrical appliances as possible, being aware of how our choices affect the earth.
And to me, it is also about peacefulness, joy and spirituality.

I do have a grand plan for FSL that has been building in me for 20 years. I would love to own / run a retreat center on a farm that would incorporate all of the above and more - yoga, natural healing, full moon drumming, homeschooling weeks, families welcome, holding classes and creating a community that encourages and empowers all to shine their natural light by being their true selves. Enormous vege garden, fruit trees, herbs, animal, buildings built in harmony with the earth .... one day!


This day so far has been magnificent - I went for a 30 minute power walk this morning pushing Nicholas in the stroller. Came home, stretched, had some fruit and then we all went out for a bike ride for an hour. Around past the creek and past the beach. Oh my golly - the colour of the water was the most beautiful blue-green that is usually seen in the more tropical waters further north. So clear and clean you could easily see the little fish swimming. We stopped for a while near the end of the breakwall with the entrance to the creek on one side of us and the crashing waves and beach on the other side of us. Wonder-full! I did not want to be anywhere else in the world. We all spoke about how much we love it here and how lucky and blessed we feel to be here. We were in no hurry to go home so we kept riding around enjoying the perfect weather and the sights and each other.

It's just been one of those magical days where everything just flows beautifully. We went out to get a few things, (some new garden clippers and a strawberry plant - could not find seeds for that in the past few months), and everything has just been really joyful.

My soul feels so full and contented right now!

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Anonymous said...

A retreat like that....I would be there!!!! Great idea!