Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It just doesn't matter

It doesn't matter if other cars speed past me on the highway.

It doesn't matter if I put the sheets on the bed upside down.

It doesn't matter if I buy the wrong butter one week.

The necessary paperwork in life is not important. It is needed in order to function in this life and get things done, but there is no need to stress over it. You either want the thing at the other end of the paperwork (a loan, a passport, a business deal, taxes accounted for, etc), or you don't. Just figure out if not having those things would ultimately create more discomfort down the track.

It doesn't matter if other people have more money / power/ eloquence / style / etc than me. There will always be people with more and less of everything compared to me. It does not matter. If I compare myself with others, I will create unnecessary discomfort within myself which will hold me back from Being the very best that I can.

The very Best I can Be.

Being in touch with my essence, following my dreams and my instincts of what is right for me. Living and enjoying each moment like it is the most precious thing there is. Appreciating this breath that makes it all possible. Expanding my heart and love for this life. Living with detachment from the material possessions and problems. Such lightness comes and joy explodes from my core to the stars. Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful moment, such a beautiful breath.

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