Saturday, July 11, 2009

half way already!

We are already past the halfway mark in our trip here. I've surprised myself with how easy it was to drive here again. I thought that after 2.5 years away, I'd be wanting to drive on the left hand side of the road like we do in Australia. The first time I got behind a wheel here, I admit going a little slow and sticking to the right hand lane. After a few blocks, I breathed out and something clicked in and it all came back to me - even shortcuts and how to get to old favourite places.

Other things that we've gotten used to here again are light switches that go the other way; electrical power points that have no on/off switch; automatic flushing toilets and soap dispensers; the toilets themselves that are larger and lower here; the huge oven at the motel suite (but the oven is a standard size for here); and huge video billboards.

Are we moving back here? I just don't know.

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