Tuesday, July 14, 2009

photo catch up - 4th July

Our 4th July started by getting starred and stripe'd and heading to Boulder City for their annual parade. It's not a fancy parade, but it sure is fun.
Love those glasses!
The first part of the parade starts with the politicians, veterans, Miss Boulder City, cheerleaders and other fun entries like this guy on his bike:

And Uncle Sam:

And horses:

And funky shoe cars?:

And then the real big fun starts...
the entries that want to participate in water play come along - they shoot water pistols or throw water balloons at the spectators, who do exactly the same thing back! Sometimes the floats even come really prepared with a huge container of water and a hose:

This little tank says on it "Peace - the old fashioned way" Hmm.

In the end, the locals come out on top with some of the residents along the parade route getting their garden hoses out and even filling up garbage bins for everyone to refill their water pistols from. It is so much fun and totally worth sitting in the hot sun for an hour or so first.

Totally drenched and happy! We had brought our water pistols along and the kids thought that was the best part of the parade.

In the evening we went to a party at Tara's place - thanks Tara, Justin & Zeb, we had a great time! Nicholas sure loved the sparklers too.

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