Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Road trip photos..

AJ at "Captain Thunderbolts" cave:

Beautiful country sunset:

'Helping' cousin Katie and Uncle Bob set up their new pool. It turned into a very fun water fight for all, including those of us out of the pool, but some water did manage to stay in the pool so it could fill up:

On our way from my sister's place to my Mum's place, AJ saw a sign for a small chocolate factory. Which we just had to investigate. The kids enjoyed the free samples but the factory itself was not actually producing anything at the time. The best thing about the stop was the fantastic little museum just next door. The gentleman on duty there was very happy to explain different pieces to the kids and even encouraged them to play with the things!!!!!! They wrote with old pens that needed to be dipped in ink, they tapped messages in morse code and they particularly loved playing with the old telephone exchange in the photo below. This exchange was used in the town of Bagnoo at the post office. It opened in 1928 with one subscriber and was used for 50 years. The museum had two other telephones set up around the place that were connected to the exchange and the kids had a blast calling each other on the old phones.

On a drive with my Mum, we stopped for a play at Rainbow Beach. It was a bit crowded though - must have been 3 people on the beach at the time (!).

The boys loved the spider web...Nicholas climbed all the way to the top too.

There is this lovely big grassy hill in the town where my Mum lives:

which is great fun to run and roll down:

View from the top of the hill at sunset:

And now we are back home, safe and sound. The kids and the car all traveled well. We are getting back into our rhythm here, always on the lookout for new adventures and detours along the way!


Miranda said...

Love the photos! The pine trees in the last few are really cool looking. Forgot to tell you that I had just finished watching the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey when I sat down to read your post about your road trip adventures. Very timely!

Annette said...

I'll have to get that movie! We had such a great time, I feel like I'm bursting with love and happiness at the moment.