Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kids hair...

While I'm on the subject of hair...

I started cutting the boys hair last year. At first just with the clippers, then using the scissors more on the top for AJ whose thick wavy hair looks really good with a little more on top. The last cut I gave AJ was the best I'd ever done, I thought. A few days later, he took the scissors and chopped a lot of the front off, giving him a very large forehead look. He said he wanted to look like a scientist with a big brain! I ended up getting the clippers and buzzing the rest of the top to blend it in more.

I used to trim the ends of Summer's hair when she wanted it, but then she wanted it more layered so I tried that and don't think I did a very good job. When she wanted it cut again, she went to a professional who did a very sleek, short cut. Very stylish! And yesterday we died it purple! It looks so great and she loves it! I will try to figure out how to get photos on here without my regular computer.

Not to leave Nicholas out...he just loves to have his hair cut. His hair is so easy to cut and always looks good. That boy continues to amaze me. He now makes his own sandwiches (he's 4), which is something AJ still won't do. Mind you...AJ would probably forget to eat unless I reminded him.

Ahhh...I love my life, I love my family and I love being a Life-Learning Mama!

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