Friday, March 19, 2010


I used to get such an urge to write, like a hunger that had to be fed.
I haven't felt that for quite a while.

Life is good. I feel inspired by just living each day, each moment...often not knowing what's next but knowing that's all unfolding as it should. I feel so content just living that I just forget to write about it, or it's just not a priority anymore.

As most of the readers of this are family and friends we don't see often enough, I will try to post a little more regularly to help us keep in touch. I appreciate the private emails and phone calls I get, often in relation to what I've posted.

Our main computer is still down and we are plodding along on the kids old one. Looking into different options if the other cannot be repaired, but hoping that 3 years of photos can be retrieved from it, if nothing else.

The recent tsunami threat has had us thinking about our direction. So far nothing has been decided, but several ideas are brewing. We do love it here, walking distance to the beach...but...the salt spray is hard on the bikes and car and lots of other things, and the sandy soil makes it hard to grow food unless it's in pots. I guess no place is perfect.

AJ is loving playing basketball on Saturday mornings...he wishes it was on every day! We all look forward to Thursdays at the park with our homeschooling friends. Nicholas is a wild man and will try climbing where the big kids climb. At home he loves to help out with all kinds of things from baking to washing dishes. Summer is now as tall as me, and hopefully still growing! She's such a beautiful, gentle girl. I love our morning walks together. She is very affectionate and gives Cary and I many hugs throughout the day.

We've continued to have lots of rain, with another cyclone hanging off the coast a bit further up which will still bring us more rain. At least everything is nice and green, even if it is hard to get the washing dry.

I'm struggling to write here...I feel like I've said all of these things before and I'm boring myself. Maybe because it seems like nothing has really changed, ...maybe I'm just enjoying the view from this plateau. I know that I will soon need to either climb another mountain or take another path. I'm letting this time just Be. I don't want to get on here and ramble on about mundane stuff. I'm not upset about losing the inspiration to write, I'm accepting it. I think it actually just moved aside to allow me to focus on other areas. I have been doing more with Reiki and that feels really good.

That's all I've got for now...
Until next time... have a beautiful day!

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