Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our star...

Our family has been enjoying going to our local New Thought center every week.  I've been running a kids club there.  We do some crafts, play games, read stories, and have fun.  We've done vision boards and gratitude trees and performed songs like Shawn Gallaways 'I Choose Love'.  Last Sunday we had a celebration of the season and I was asked to have the kids perform a Christmasy song.  We had one week to talk about what we would do and put our own twist on it.  We decided to do 'The 12 days of Christmas'.

Here is how we changed it to make it relevant to the nature of our area and the kids who helped to write it:

On the ___ day of Christmas, the Universe gave to us -
A star in the Southern sky
Two Peace doves
Three bananas
Four pretty flowers
Five golden beaches
Six happy friends
Seven colours of the rainbow
Eight wonders of the world
Nine songs for dancing
Ten butterflies
Eleven funny jokes
Twelve sunny days (well, maybe).  (We've had so much rain!)

We had little props and actions for each 'day', and each of the kids got involved to the level of their comfort.  On the 'Star in the Southern Sky', Nicholas held up a picture of a star that some of the kids had drawn and coloured...but he didn't just hold it up, he was very dramatic and expressive - so much so that the audience were cracking up and Nicholas pretty much stole the show.  He is such a natural performer!

I wish I had some video of this - so funny!


Eli said...

How lovely! I'd love to do this next year! Miss you! Merry Christmas!

Annette said...

Miss you too! Hope you had a fun Christmas! xo