Friday, March 11, 2011

My boys...

AJ started Tae Kwon Do last month and he loves it!  He's often practicing his punches and kicks wherever we are - at home, at the beach, at the shops...he doesn't care, he just wants to.  Even though he enjoyed doing basketball last year, this really seems to be his 'thing'.  For now at least.


he's on the left in this pic below, on his first day, but with pretty good form already! 

Nicholas has lost two teeth now, and loves visits from the tooth fairy!  Actually, the boy is pretty bold - he'll just outright ask people for money "can you give me a dollar?"  If they say no, he'll say "then how about thirty bucks?"...with a big grin on his face as though he just expects it. 

Nicholas has taught himself how to swim.  He was a comfortable swimmer in the shallow areas, as long as he could still touch the bottom, but last week he became confident in swimming in deep, dark water where he could not touch.  He was swimming around with some friends (I was very close) and having such a good time that he didn't realise that he was in so deep at first, but when he did he said "hey mum...I can swim now!"  Yes...yes you can do anything!


Erica Perry said...

Hi Annette. Just been enjoying catching up on reading your blog. Great top hear what you guys have been up to, and love to read your graceful 'flow'. xx

Annette said...

Thank you Lovely! xx