Monday, April 18, 2011


Guess who just turned 10?!!!  Double Digits!!  A whole decade of adventures with AJ!!

Some recent pics...

A new game for Christmas..

 AJ & Missy...a dog we were dog sitting for a while.  Actually, I think it was the dog who was doing the sitting (on AJ).  Missy was a great dog, but she got a bit rough with Gypsy, trying to be the dominant one, so we couldn't continue caring for her.  That was upsetting to AJ who would love to have a large pack of dogs...and a bunch of cats and pet rats and lizards and snakes and ducks and ..and..

Birthday time!

AJ had planned the whole day...actually a month or so included 3 hours at Time Zone (a huge games arcade)...for some seriously fun gaming...

He is so sweet...he just wanted a day with the family and it was very special.
He also won "Student of the Week" at his new martial arts class.  He had been doing tae kwon do, and had gotten his yellow belt, but we weren't totally thrilled with their techniques.  We thought that class was fine if you wanted to do tae kwon do as a sport, but for actual self-defense, it was pretty lousy.  So now he's doing a Mixed Martial Arts class which is sooo much better. 

He's pretty thrilled with himself too!

Such a sweet, funny, smart, gentle, loving, amazing young man...and I am so honoured that he chose me to be his mama, and to share this journey with us.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, AJ! 10 years old...unbelievable!

Miranda said...

Yay! Love the big 10. Looks like a great day!