Sunday, March 23, 2014

random pics...

AJ has been doing a sailing course with one of our homeschooling groups.  He's learning on the little two-person boats and is having an 'awesome' time.  He particularly likes it when it's really windy so they can go fast!  In this picture, he is the one of the left with the red helmet on.

How beautiful are these watermelons?!

With the type of archery we are doing, we get to go on different courses on the property.  The courses weave through the bush with targets set up in various challenging places.  In some ways, it's similar to golf except there are a lot more trees in the way!  And instead of clubs and balls, we have bows and arrows...and no golf buggies.  Ok, so it's not really like golf at all.  Though our club does have a small "19th hole".  This is technically a hunting sport.  As a long-time vegetarian, I had a huge problem with the fact that some of the targets are a spray painted outline of an animal stencil.  They might be a pig, goat, duck, rabbit, fox, etc.  These pictures have an inner target painted on them which is a circle within a circle.  Those circles are my aim when I shoot and I do not acknowledge the wider design.   I do however, feel an inner primal satisfaction with this sport.  I enjoy walking through the bush with my wooden bow and arrows in the quiver along my thigh.   Yes, Robin Hood was always a fantasy hero of mine!   I appreciate the skill of the sport.  I am not going hunting and I would never intentionally hurt any animals.

Nicholas enjoys making tunes on the guitar.

Sami hanging out with other homeschoolers at Whitewater World..

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