Monday, April 07, 2014


Walking is really my favourite form of exercise.  I love that I don't need any kind of equipment, just a little motivation.  I love that, even though I might walk fast, it's still slow enough to see so much beauty along the way, like these: 

I love trees, one of my favourites are the gum trees.  I found this one at the top of a hill, with the beach to the left, and the airport to the right.  Despite the airplanes going over my head, the air smelled pretty good there.

This just looked like a bit of Mother Nature's art..

Forgotten toys, left on the beach.  It had me thinking about my children and their childhoods being left behind...

I find trees fascinating.  I love the way that they weave together, different trees, sometimes living in harmony, sometimes slowly strangling each other, but each magnificent in their own way.

I found this gem that someone had painted on the path alongside the beach.  Great reminder of the nature of us.

So as I walk along, enjoying the scenery, my mind wanders and creates a tapestry of words and feelings that I wish I could capture more eloquently.  I wish I could sculpt them into something, but then that would just limit them into form.  

Coming down the hill to walk along the beach again, I smell fresh coffee mixed with the salt air and I feel so grateful to live here.  People of all shapes and sizes and ages walk barefoot, often with a surfboard under their arm.  No rushing, no crowds, no drama.  There is an energy here that transcends the physical.  Where I don't have to look or act any way except my own way.  Where I don't feel judged.  Where I!

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