Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Cary

Mister Man,

I want the world to know how much I adore you.

I thank you for your strength - your physical strength that makes me feel so secure when you hold me; your emotional strength that is always there, so calm and sure; and your spiritual strength that inspires me.

I thank you for your sense of adventure, for your willingness to leave relative certainty behind in order to move across the world, to travel, to try new places and people and all the time see the excitement of doing so.

I thank you for your sense of fun and cheekiness.

I thank you for being a free thinker, for not always following the mainstream, for seeing how things could be, for knowing how things can be if we have the courage to be different.

I thank you for your encouragement. Though it hasn't always been what I wanted, it was always what I needed in order to get unstuck or stretch myself or grow. You know me better than I know myself. You see me as so much more than I see myself.

Thank you for you.

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