Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lucky girl...

I love my home. I love our life here. Knowing that I'll be leaving it for 12 weeks has me appreciating it even more.

When I was in my teens and twenties, I thrived on adventure and drama and created a lot of both in my life. When I first left Australia to go to the USA, I was excited and care-free and thirsty for even more adventure. Even though I enjoyed it greatly, there was a little something missing and every trip back to Oz from the US had me excited because deep down, I knew I was going "home". I am deeply grateful for the 12.5 years I had in the USA, for our life as it was there, for our friends, and for the many, many lessons I learned.

In several weeks, I'll be leaving Oz to go and visit the people and places I'd been saying I missed. It will be really really good to see those people again. And I can tell, it will be really really good to come back home after that.

I feel so comfortable here, so content. I think I have finally "settled down". One more move to a little farm and some road trips within Australia will fill my life to overflow. I am so very lucky, so very blessed.


Miranda said...

I know that feeling of "settled down" finally, too! I am so happy to be back home and can't ever see myself leaving.
As for your trip to the US of A, I am sad to miss out on seeing you again. I was hoping you'd say you were planning to go to the conference in San Diego, but you'll be back in OZ by then. sniff sniff :-(

Rachel said...

If you come by southern New Mexico you're welcome to visit. We're a few hours from Carlsbad Caverns.