Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's a beautiful day....

Such a magical, wonderful day! We started off with a cuddle, then some water, a little fruit and a walk to the beach. We passed several kids on their way to school and not one of them looked happy. And here we were, going to 'school' at the beach! Along the way, the kids stopped to look at bugs and climb trees and poles and we stopped for a while to watch a new cement driveway being laid and evened out. We have some of our most amazing conversations while walking or driving in the car. Today was no different and we discussed a variety of topics that is just too long to write here.

When we got to the beach, I was taking in the absolute beauty of the day and the water, when a couple of homeschooled kids we knew came running up to us. What a surprise to see some friends there with their Mum! We chatted for ages while the kids swam and built sandcastles and dug holes with connecting tunnels. Our friends are staying nearby while their new home is being built. What a truly lovely surprise.

Our friends had to go after a while and my kids and I went on the walk we'd planned, skipping through the waters edge and loving every single moment. The sun was getting hotter and we made our way home, smelling some of the beautiful flowers along the way.

I called Cary and had a nice long chat with him. I feel him with us, even though he is on the other side of the world. He is working so much though and I wish he would take some time off to go do something fun.

It's still only mid-morning, but so far, I feel like it has been a magical day because I feel so connected to my man and my children and my self and my part of the world and the whole ocean and the sky and love and spirit. I am so full of gratitude that I could almost burst into a zillion sparkling pieces right now...

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