Saturday, January 23, 2010

la la land

It's probably time to post again...I've been in some la la land mentally, which is actually a lovely place...and to think I achieved that without drugs or alcohol! Seriously though, I've been in a place of feeling detached from material things, and I've just been zoning in the moments, or maybe I should say 'zening in the moments'. whatever. 'blissing' would work too. I see some of my friends have been busy blogging and I am probably weeks behind in reading them. Maybe I'll catch up soon.

I have a 'to-do' list on the side of the fridge and I feel no pressure to do any of it. I've not been pushing myself like I used to. I really like that! I've actually been getting a lot done lately, and enjoying the process. Um, does this mean that I'm finally growing up? I feel more playful than ever though. What a lovely balance! Actually, I think the reason I feel more playful is that I take myself much more lightly these days. If something doesn't go the way I think it should, I am quick to let it go - even laugh it off - and move on. I was so not this way for sooo long. It feels real good.

We now have the framework in place for our new business to import caravans, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, and other fun toys from the USA. That took a lot of running around and I still have more work to do on the accounting side of things. Cary picked up two caravans last week and we went through the boxes of things he'd packed inside of them. He's very excited as his tool box is finally here so now he can work on all of those projects he's been putting off due to a lack of tools! The kids were excited as the water pistols they got from Zeb at his birthday party were amongst all of the goodies and this is perfect weather for a really good water fight! (Thanks Tara!)

The kids have been really patient while we've been involved with the business stuff, they've been playing together (Summer and Nicholas have been playing a lot with little figures and dolls), and playing electronic games and watching movies and enjoying swimming as often as we can get to the beach or creek. Which is not every day, but it's most days.

I am feeling so grateful right now.

I was waiting for Cary at an appointment last week and I picked up a magazine on a table next to me. I flicked through and saw photos of people who are "celebrities" some I recognised, some could have been people who live in the next street, I had no idea who they were and why they were famous and it wouldn't have mattered if I'd walked past them. But these people were being photographed doing ordinary things - shopping, eating out, swimming. Oh. My. God. "Normal" things. SO WHAT?! I just don't get that whole celebrity mania and why those people get paid such obscene amounts of money for going to work. That's a whole other kind of 'la la land' to me - one that is very much based on the material world. I'll stick to mine any day.


Tara W. said...

yay for water guns in the summer! :D

Fruity Green Family said...

I miss you so much AND think of you all the time. It sounds as if you may be staying it Aussie? I would love that. UR IN Spiritual Retreats website is finally up and running. I am planning to do a few retreats in Aussie next Nov/Dec. I would love for you to be apart of them if that would work for you. I could use a native to assist me. I am in La La Land too. Lving in the moment EXCITED beyond ever!
Give the kids lots of love and kisses for me you all feel like family! love you so much!