Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Personal Training myself..

In my life BC (before children), I worked as a Personal fitness trainer and Aerobics instructor (and a part time gig as a Reiki practitioner as well which kind of balanced my energy - the physical / mental of the fitness work with the Spiritual of the Reiki work).  Anyway...back then, I could not quite figure out why it was so hard to motivate some of my clients.  Well guess what?  I have become my clients!  Middle aged, extra pounds, and very little motivation.  I have recognised this in me for several months now and well, haven't been very motivated to do anything about it.  Until now...my body just does not seem as efficient as it used to be and I know I need to move more to fix that.

So I accessed my former self and asked her to come up with a fitness plan that would suit my needs for simplicity, time-efficiency and fun while improving my fitness.  What she came back with is something I think will actually work!

60 minutes of something aerobic per day.  Preferably something like a 30+ minute bike ride or hike with the family in the morning and a 30+ minute walk to the beach and along the soft sand (for an extra workout), by myself so I can listen to a podcast or some groovy music.  Yes, that's do-able.  I need to also work on my strength now that I no longer lift little children throughout the day.  On days that I don't do the Green Challenge, I will aim to work up to doing 50 each of squats, push ups and crunches.  This week though, I am telling myself I only need to do one set of 10 reps of each (slowly).  If I miss a day then I need to do an extra set the next day.  Oh yeah, I'm a tough coach! (I'm not even going to think of how pathetic this programe is compared to what I used to do!)  I never have to do more than 50 of each, but when that is too easy, then I need to do them very very slowly and / or with extra weight.  Those three exercises cover all of the main muscle groups. Doing the Green Challenge seems to find any others I may have missed!   I'm grateful that my PT self came up with the three exercises plan - simple and brilliant!

One good thing about being older while working with this programme is that I don't feel fanatical about it.  I fit the exercise in around everything else.  And I am gentle with myself too.  I accept that I am getting older and my metabolism has changed and I know that in order to age more easily, I need to do this.  I believe that flexibility is also important so I will work in some stretching and yoga wherever possible.  Looking forward to a fitter future and longer paddles in my kayak!

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