Friday, March 04, 2011

Feeling gooooood....

It's 9pm.  I've been up since 6am.  I have been going all day and I still feel as though I have energy!  I haven't felt like this for a long time.  I feel excited and creative and inspired and joyful as I move through this day.  I've rearranged the boys room, cooked three meals from scratch, including trying a new recipe for yamburgers (so yum!), played with the kids, gone grocery shopping, paid bills etc.   I know that the additional exercise I've been doing over the past month has helped greatly with my energy levels.  I feel stronger physically and mentally. 

I think I'm also still on a high from our great day out yesterday with our local Natural Learners group.  Seven families with a total of 21 kids, ranging in age from 1-15, playing beautifully together for 6 hours or more.  I love this tribe!  I love the wide range of topics in the conversations the parents have!  So inspiring!

I'm excited about the little project I'm working on, and I'm really excited to have energy to live so joyfully!


Ariad said...

Wow! Sounds like an great way to be feeling. And sounds like a great natural learning group too. I'm hoping that when I move soon I will find a good group. Enjoy your good feelings :-)

Annette said... nice to feel peaceful and playful! Where are you moving to?

As Life Intended said...

I love these feeling days! and you know, EVERY day can be like this! Life is awesome! Life is a blessing with all it's little and big things! Sending love your way!