Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome to a new year...

I feel like I should say something profound, something inspirational about the new year. But it feels like just the day after yesterday, I'm just not 'getting' the significance of putting a new calendar on the wall. I don't see that as a sign to suddenly change aspects of my life that I wasn't happy with. Every single day, every single moment gives us an opportunity to do that. I make no 'new years resolutions'.

I woke up this morning feeling full of gratitude for this breath that keeps me here, for the love in my life that both grounds me and helps me soar, for the joy that adds depth and lightness too....for all of the people in my life, all of the experiences, for the rain that is turning our crunchy brown grass back to lush green, for the birds singing outside my window, and for the awareness of Spirit woven through it all.

This moment is wonder-full!

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